Advertising on the ELD Website

Campaign Advertising

The ELD website network currently averages about 30,000 users and 100,000 page views per month. Our audience is growing rapidly as we continue to develop the ELD project. We are offering you the chance to run advertising campaigns designed to target a core audience of people who are interested in line dancing.

Websites currently on the ELD network are,, & (streaming)..

How It Works

Currently our websites support the most commonly used display ad formats: (up to 100k per graphic)

  • 728px x 90px - Leaderboard
  • 300px x 250px – mobile version of leaderboard

These adverts can be targeted to a geo location, for example the UK only, and are displayed on all main pages throughout the site & network (please note: Ads are not displayed on profile pages where the member has a paid membership).

Full statistics for all campaigns are sent via email monthly showing impressions (the number of times the ad was displayed) and the number of clicks.

Campaign Types

We have 3 levels of advertising campaigns available, detailed below. All campaigns are priced monthly, with a minimum of a one month purchase. (15% discount per month applied for 2 or more months proceeding on the same campaign).

  • WEB BANNER CAMPAIGN - Standard website banner campaign – This includes a leader board and mobile version of your advert, displayed throughout the network with geo location targeting. - £60+VAT per month
  • WEB BANNER & NEWSLETTER CAMPAIGN - This includes the standard website banner campaign plus entry into the main ELD monthly newsletter - £100+VAT per month.
  • ADVANCED ADVERTISING CUSTOM CAMPAIGN – This includes the advanced version of the web banner campaign which boosts your adverts to show more impressions throughout the network, free web banner design, ELD & ELDA newsletter entries, advertising on the ELD & ELDA social media pages and consultation on how best to plan and market your product or service. - £250+VAT per month.

Addtional Services

Web Banner Design – both leader board and mobile version - £10+VAT
Flyer Design – from £25+VAT

Next Step

Advertising slots are limited and we reserve the right to refuse adverts which are against our advertising policy.

Campaigns can be planned in advanced and artwork can be provided by you the customer or designed for you (£10+VAT)

Please contact us to book your slot, or discuss which campaign would suit your needs best.

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