OCD course for line dance instructors to deliver content online

Method 1: Using recorded videos to create a ‘movie’ for delivery to YouTube and Facebook.

OCD - ORGANISE, CREATE, DELIVER - There are many methods you can use to move your service online, using many different platforms and software. It’s a minefield out there! The approach I have taken in this method is to be as simple and ‘stress’ free as possible, whilst understanding how critical it is at this moment to get you up and running with a plan and content.

NOTE: Computers! There is a good many of you that will end up learning more about computers and tech in the coming weeks than you’ve learnt in years. Embrace it. If you are not sure, search it, if you are not confident, remember, you memorise a new dance to teach in a very quick time (sometimes in the ten minutes before students arrive to class!) well, let me tell you, I cannot do that! Therefore, you already have the skills to learn quickly, just take a methodical approach as you would learn a dance.

NOTE: Internet Internet speed might be a problem for some, there are things you can do to help get the most from your internet connection. (This article will be coming out very soon)

Let’s get to it! If you already know certain parts of this course, then you may wish to still watch the videos as you might find useful tips from some of the content


Step 1. Create Gmail & YouTube Account

You will need to setup a Gmail & YouTube account. This video tutorial will show you how to set these up.

Step 2. Setup Facebook Group

For this method you will need a Facebook group for your students to join. This video tutorial will show you how to set this up.

Step 3. Organise DATA folders

IMPORTANT STEP If you organise your data now it will help you greatly when it comes to finding things in the future and backing up your data. The following tutorial will go through this with you.

Step 4. Important - Prepare content

You will need some content for your movie. To start this example project off we are going to use 3 clips. Record these, or record three ‘test’ videos for the purpose of this course. Download these videos into the ‘TRANSFER’ folder we have just setup in the previous step. Clip 1: Intro, Clip 2: Dance Teach & Clip 3: Outro.

TIP: It’s a good habit to rename these clips to a more user-friendly title. i.e ‘intro1’ or ‘teach-mrlonely’ etc (do NOT USE space, spaces in filenames for online use are not good practice, use _ or - instead)

Lastly, download the FREE media content provided by ELD, this includes a disclaimer and safety tips. To download, right click on the following links and select ‘save as’ OR, click on the link and the file will open in a browser window, click on the 3 dots to right of the player controls and select ‘download’.

Save these files in your ‘MEDIA LIBRARY’ folder

CLick to download video disclaimer clip
Click to donwload video of safety tips

OPTIONAL: If you know how to use ZIP files then you can download a zip of both files here:

Now let’s get to creating!