OCD course continued


Step 5: Install Openshot (mac or pc)

Openshot is a FREE video editor for creating your own movies. It has all the basic features we need to create a movie. You may of course move on to better video editing software but for now we will start with Openshot. Most video editing software works in very much the same way.

First download the software by clicking here and then following the video tutorial

Step 6: Creating your first movie project

Open/run the Openshot programme you have just installed and watch the following video tutorial. This will guide you through making your first movie project using the 3 clips you have recorded (the next step we will add extra content)

IMPORTANT NOTE: As soon as you open the software, save the project in your PROJECTS folder, Openshot will automatically save your project as you work on it but I find it good practice to save work manually as you progress. Just click ‘Save’ from menu (if it is unavailable then this means that the project has just been automatically saved). Always save any new project BEFORE starting.

Step 7: Adding extra content and intro disclaimers

You should have already downloaded the extra content in the previous stage, these will be saved in your media library folder (download links below). The following video toutorial will guide you through the process of adding extra content to your movie.

Step 8: Exporting your completed movie

This video tutorial will take you through exporting your project into a movie ready for delivering/uploading online.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you are happy with your completed movie, consider deleting files you no longer need i.e files in the ‘transfer folder’ etc (NOT media). This will help to reduce space on your computer as well as backup devices if space is an issue.