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Dag Alexander Wien

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I'm a linedance choreographer & instructor living in Stavanger, Norway. Started dancing around the infamous year Y2K, but are still going strong ;-)

Stared Instructing in 2004-2005, and have now also started t...read more

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Choreographer(s)Dance TitleDance TypeDance LevelMusic/ArtistReleasedViewsDownloads
Dag Alexander WienDIGGILOO DIGGILEY64 count 2 wallsImproverDiggiloo Diggiley by HerreysMar 2023190View
Dag Alexander WienWHERE HAVE ALL THE GOOD MEN GONE (I NEED A HERO)32 count 4 wallsAbsolute BeginnerHolding out for a hero by KamaraSep 20221365View
Dag Alexander WienCHANGE MY LIFE32 count 2 wallsAbsolute Beginner Change my Life by Levi HummonMar 20221673View
Dag Alexander Wien(SHE'S MY) PRIDE AND JOY48 count 4 wallsBeginner Pride and Joy (feat. Marc Broussard) by Joe Diffie Country MusicFeb 20221460View
Dag Alexander WienFALL SO HARD32 count 4 wallsBeginner Fall so hard by ChristopherSep 20212054View
Dag Alexander Wien(CALL ME UP) I'M THE INVISIBLE MAN32 count 4 wallsAbsolute BeginnerThe Invisible Man by Dance With A StrangerAug 202147914View
Dag Alexander WienVOICES48 count 2 wallsIntermediateVoices by TusseMay 20213792View
Dag Alexander WienMAMMAS DON’T LET YOUR BABIES GROW UP TO BE COWBOYS32 count 4 wallsBeginner Mammas don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys by Lukas Nelson & Shooter Jennings Country MusicMar 20213063View
Dag Alexander WienLET LOOSE32 count 4 wallsImproverLet Loose by Blåsemafian & HazelMar 20212370View
Dag Alexander WienIF IT HADN’T BEEN FOR LOVE 64 count 2 wallsImproverIf it hadn’t been for love by Chris Kroetze Country MusicNov 20202711View
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Latest Dance

The latest dance by Dag Alexander Wien is a Improver level 64 count 2 wall line dance called DIGGILOO DIGGILEY.
Music is Diggiloo Diggiley by the artist, Herreys.