Sebastiaan Holtland

International Line Dance Choreographer
Sebastiaan  Holtland

Line Dance Choreographer


Sebastiaan was born on March 26th, 1979 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. At the age of 10 he started his dancing career with ballroomdancing and at 15 he took up linedancing in a social country line dance club. 2 more

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Choreographer(s)Dance TitleDance TypeDance LevelMusic/ArtistReleasedViewsDownloads
Sebastiaan HoltlandON LIFE'S HIGHWAY32 count 2 wallsBeginnerLife's Highway by Jim DevineApr 2024241View
Jo KinserPOWERFUL WOMEN32 count 2 wallsImproverPOWERFUL WOMEN by PITBALL, DOLLY PARTONFeb 2024675View
Sebastiaan HoltlandJUST LOVIN' IT32 count 4 wallsBeginnerLovin' In It by Zac & GeorgeDec 2023872View
Sebastiaan HoltlandALL OUT OF FIGHT32 count 4 wallsIntermediateAll Out Of Fight by PinkDec 2023842View
Sebastiaan HoltlandCOUNTRY DANCING HEELS32 count 4 wallsBeginnerCountry Dance by Aaron GoodvinNov 2023502View
Sebastiaan HoltlandMAGICAL FEELINGS32 count 4 wallsAbsolute BeginnerFeel Like The Holidays by Scotty McCreeryOct 20231126View
Jo Kinser
Sebastiaan Holtland
THIS COULD BE US32 count 2 wallsImproverThis Could Be Us by Lucas Estrada Jun 20231541View
Sebastiaan HoltlandGIVE ME THAT REASON40 count 2 wallsBeginnerHey Baby by Jonas BrothersJun 2023960View
Sebastiaan HoltlandHIGH MOUNTAIN HIGH48 count 2 wallsImproverMountain Of Love by Frankie MorenoMar 2023670View
Jo Kinser
Sebastiaan Holtland
DON'T BE AFRAID EVERYONE64 count 4 wallsImproverGhosts & Monsters by Saint ChaosJan 20231301View
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Latest Dance

The latest dance by Sebastiaan Holtland is a Beginner level 32 count 2 wall line dance called ON LIFE'S HIGHWAY.
Music is Life's Highway by the artist, Jim Devine.