Montana Country Show France

Montana Country Show France

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The Montana Country Show (which has created the Brazilian style) exists since 1996 (Montana represents a lot of things, a club, a style, a state of mind, a brand ...). Following the passage in Europe of some Montaneiros and more

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Choreographer(s)Dance TitleDance TypeDance LevelMusic/ArtistReleasedViewsDownloads
Montana Country Show FranceSIMPLES E LEGAL20 count 1 wallsBeginnerIf i was a cowboy by Miranda Lambert Country MusicDec 202139915View
Montana Country Show FranceWILL THE CIRCLE 32 count 4 wallsBeginnerWill the circle be unbroken by Berenice Cline Country MusicMay 202175627View
Montana Country Show FranceCHAIN (FR & ENG)32 count 4 wallsBeginnerChain by Alan Jackson Country MusicMay 2021148446View
Montana Country Show FranceSUA VEZ (FR)32 count 1 wallsBeginnerI will rise by Robert Ross Country MusicFeb 202156211View
Montana Country Show FranceENJOY DANCE (FR)32 count 1 wallsBeginner Renegade by Tim McGraw Country MusicJan 202157810View
Montana Country Show FranceROLANDO (FR/ENG)32 count 1 wallsBeginner Southamerican way by Nacho Cejas Country MusicDec 20206748View
Montana Country Show FranceBEER (FR)32 count 1 wallsBeginner No i in beer by Brad Paisley Country MusicMay 2020201056View
Montana Country Show FranceBEER (ENG)32 count 1 wallsBeginner No i in beer by Brad Paisley Country MusicMay 2020162113View
Montana Country Show FranceSOL (FR)32 count 1 wallsBeginner I don't look good naked enymore by Johnny Brady Country MusicMay 20195504View
Montana Country Show FranceGOOD PROBLEM (ENG)40 count 1 wallsBeginner Good problem to have by Donovan Chapman Country MusicMar 20185564View
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The latest dance by Montana Country Show France is a Beginner level 20 count 1 wall line dance called SIMPLES E LEGAL.
Music is If i was a cowboy by the artist, Miranda Lambert.