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Choreographer, Instructor, DJ & Promotor Memberships

Free profile memberships for Choreographers, Instructors, DJs and Promoters - all accounts include the events plugin. Instructor and Choreographer accounts also include the class plugin and the dance script plugin so both account types can add scripts.

DJ memberships come with the event plugin, if you require classes and/or the dance scripts plugins as well then please sign up and we will be in touch.

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Performing Artist Membership

Free performing artist membership includes the events plugin and the artist plug (this currently includes video and playlist upload)

Artist memberships require certification by us before being accepted on the site. This is simply to ensure all ELD certifed artists are suitable for performing at line dancing events. Simply email us your current playlist for verification along with your name and any website links. It'll be great to have you onboard.

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Dancer Memberships

Dancer memberships are currently not available for the website although this is something we will be working on in the coming months.

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Venue Membership

Venue memberships are currently not active but if you have a venue that runs line dancing events then please email us with any information about the venue.

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Features with Profile

  • Your own profile web page

  • User Admin login

  • Add/Edit your classes

  • Add/Edit your events

  • Add/Edit your dance scripts

  • Easily share everything

  • Multi device friendly!

  • Your own unique web link

  • and much more....