Non-Profile Dances

Non-Profile Dances

Line Dance Choreographer

United Kingdom

This profile page is for dance scripts that have been uploaded but do NOT yet have a profile on ELD.

The choreographers name will be displayed on the script. If you are the choreographer of any of these more

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Choreographer(s)Dance TitleDance TypeDance LevelMusic/ArtistReleasedViewsDownloads
Non-Profile DancesFLIP IT32 count 4 wallsAbsolute BeginnerShe Had Me At Heads Carolina by Cole SwindellJun 2022894118View
Non-Profile DancesARLESEY STOMP32 count 4 wallsAbsolute BeginnerToo Many Broken Hearts by Jason DonovanMay 20221499View
Non-Profile DancesYOU CAN REST48 count 2 wallsIntermediateYou Can Rest by Hillary ScottMay 20221867View
Non-Profile DancesTHROUGH YOUR EYES48 count 4 wallsImproverThrough Your Eyes by Morgan WadeMar 20221123View
Non-Profile DancesI'M ON MY WAY32 count 4 wallsBeginnerToora Loora Lay by Celtic ThunderDec 2021961View
Non-Profile DancesI'M ON MY WAY32 count 2 wallsBeginnerToora Loora Lay by Celtic ThunderDec 2021904View
Non-Profile DancesONLY US32 count 4 wallsIntermediateOnly Us by Carrie Underwood & Dan + ShayNov 20211372View
Non-Profile DancesSHIVERS 10132 count 4 wallsAbsolute BeginnerShivers by Ed SheeranNov 202120216View
Non-Profile DancesGIVE ME SHIVERS32 count 4 wallsImproverShivers by Ed SheeranOct 20211809View
Non-Profile DancesOVERPASS GRAFFITI32 count 4 wallsImproverOverpass Graffiti by Ed SheeranOct 2021775View
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Latest Dance

The latest dance by Non-Profile Dances is a Absolute Beginner level 32 count 4 wall line dance called FLIP IT.
Music is She Had Me At Heads Carolina by the artist, Cole Swindell.