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Choreographer Dance TitleDance TypeDance LevelMusic/ArtistReleased
Karianne HeimvikNorwayIS IT ME?24 count 4 wallBeginner It is you (I have loved) by Dana GloverDec 201834 2 VIEW
Lynne & David HermanUnited-StatesBRADY OF STRABANE (AKA KILLARNEY CHRISTMAS)32 count 4 wallBeginnerBrady Of Strabane by The Irish RoversDec 201857 2 VIEW
Jannie Tofte AndersenDenmarkWHISKEY GLASSES32 count 4 wallImproverWhiskey Glasses by Morgan Wallen Country MusicDec 201840 1 VIEW
Maddison Glover
Simon Ward
AustraliaNO STRINGS ATTACHED32 count 2 wallIntermediateMore Than Friends by James Hype Feat. Kelli-LeighNov 2018130 7 VIEW
Maddison Glover
Simon Ward
AustraliaLOVE RUSH96 count 2 wallAdvancedBefore I cry by Lady GagaNov 2018164 7 VIEW
Silvia SchillGermany10 YEARS64 count 2 wallIntermediateYours by Kevin Maines Country MusicNov 201846 0 VIEW
Karl Harry Winson
Kate Sala
United-KingdomBABY BANDIT64 count 2 wallIntermediateBaby by Clean BanditNov 2018189 15 VIEW
Karl Harry Winson
Jamie Barnfield
United-KingdomGOING UP64 count 4 wallImproverRocket To The Moon by Pepita SlappersNov 2018106 7 VIEW
Heather Barton
Lee Hamilton
United-KingdomDROP EVERYTHING32 count 2 wallImproverDrop Everything by Carlton Anderson Country MusicNov 201864 3 VIEW
Rob FowlerSpainOH ME OH MY OH48 count 4 wallImproverOh Me Oh My Oh by Derek Ryan Country MusicNov 2018160 5 VIEW
Kim RayUnited-KingdomSTAY WITH ME32 count 2 wallIntermediateYou Stay With Me by Ricky MartinNov 201860 2 VIEW
Glynn RodgersUnited-KingdomBE MY SWEET DELIGHT32 count 4 wallAbsolute BeginnerSWEET DELIGHT by DAN ALBRO Country MusicNov 201866 6 VIEW
Tina ArgyleUnited-KingdomWHO'S THAT MAN32 count 4 wallImproverWho's That Man by Toby Keith Country MusicNov 2018107 13 VIEW
Laurent ChalonBelgiumI'M SITTIN' PRETTY64 count 2 wallIntermediateI'm Sittin' Pretty by Florida Georgia LineNov 201842 0 VIEW
Laurent ChalonBelgiumBUCKED OFF32 count 4 wallImproverBucked Off by Brad Paisley Country MusicNov 201846 0 VIEW
Mathew SinyardUnited-KingdomTURN INTO LOVE32 count 2 wallBeginnerTurn Into Love by Kylie MinogueNov 201894 2 VIEW
Jef CampsBelgiumWITH MY EYES ON YOU32 count 4 wallImproverEyes On You by Chase Rice Country MusicNov 201834 3 VIEW
Chris CleevelyUnited-KingdomFRONT SEAT DJ32 count 4 wallBeginnerFRONT SEAT DJ by BOBBY COMPTON Country MusicNov 201841 2 VIEW
Carrie Ann Earl (Green)SpainSING LOW (SWEET JOSH)32 count 2 wallImproverSwing Low Sweet Chariot by Josh Turner Country MusicNov 201835 1 VIEW
Esmeralda V.d. PolNetherlandsPIVA32 count 2 wallBeginnerPiva by Ula U Ft Joey MontanaNov 201840 2 VIEW