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Choreographer Dance TitleDance TypeDance LevelMusic/ArtistReleased
Steve CavanaughUnited-StatesHOLDING THE BOTTLE40 count 2 wallImproverHolding the Bottle by Mike Ponder Country MusicApr 2024208 6 VIEW
Caz RobertsonUnited-KingdomTRAIL MIX32 count 2 wallImproverTrailerhood by Toby Keith Country MusicApr 202426 3 VIEW
Andrew Hayes
Heather Barton
United-KingdomNEON NIGHTS 64 count 4 wallImproverNeon night by Jered Ames Country MusicApr 2024204 9 VIEW
Ivan RundgrenSwedenMIDDLE FINGER32 count 4 wallImprover Middle Finger by Lainey Wilson – Only On Spotify Singles Country MusicApr 2024345 9 VIEW
Chris BrocklesbyNew-ZealandDRINKS DRUNK32 count 4 wallBeginner Drinks Drunk by Niko Moon Country MusicApr 2024134 21 VIEW
Myra Harrold United-KingdomLITTLE TEXAS32 count 4 wallAbsolute BeginnerTexas Hold 'em by Beyonce Country MusicApr 2024150 21 VIEW
MARIANNE LANGAGNEFranceHEARTLINE32 count 4 wallImprover HEARTLINE HILL by THE CASTELLOWS Country MusicApr 2024624 21 VIEW
Toni HolmesUnited-KingdomSTATIC 32 count 4 wallImproverStatic by Dylan Scott Country MusicApr 202472 9 VIEW
Stephen & Lesley McKenna United-KingdomI CAN FEEL IT48 count 4 wallIntermediateI Can Feel It by Kane Brown Country MusicMar 202476 13 VIEW
Julia WetzelUnited-StatesDRINKS DRUNK 32 count 4 wallBeginnerDrinks Drunk by Niko Moon Country MusicMar 202468 8 VIEW
Daniel DesteunderUnited-KingdomSWIPE RIGHT!72 count 4 wallImproverSwipe right by Christopher J Essex Country MusicMar 2024473 12 VIEW
Luke Shrimpton
Dayln Harvey
United-KingdomWE AIN'T LEAVIN'32 count 2 wallImproverHold your horses by Tebey Country MusicMar 2024154 18 VIEW
Robin SpringallUnited-KingdomDRINKIN' BONE AB32 count 4 wallAbsolute BeginnerDrinkin' Bone (or Amarillo for a bit of fun!) by Drinkin' Bone: Tracy Byrd. Amarillo: Texas Tommy Country MusicMar 202445 9 VIEW
Suzi Beau
April Coady
United-KingdomWHO WANTS A COWBOY?32 count 4 wallImproverSo you think you want a cowboy by Kylie Frey Country MusicMar 2024232 16 VIEW
Karl Harry WinsonUnited-KingdomSIN CITY LIGHTS32 count 4 wallImproverBlinding Lights (Country Version) by TEBEY Country MusicMar 2024563 47 VIEW
Glynn RodgersUnited-KingdomDIVE BAR32 count 4 wallImproverDive Bar by Gord Bamford Country MusicMar 202470 10 VIEW
Toni HolmesUnited-KingdomDECEIVER’S BLUES32 count 4 wallImproverDeceiver’s Blues by Cody Jinks Country MusicMar 202458 13 VIEW
Gary Lafferty
Michelle Risley
United-KingdomI'LL BE THINKING OF YOU32 count 4 wallAbsolute BeginnerThink of Me (When You're Lonely) by The Mavericks Country MusicMar 2024485 60 VIEW
Ivan RundgrenSwedenSOLDIERS POLKA48 count 2 wallIntermediateSoldier by Trixie Mattel Country MusicMar 2024187 12 VIEW
Chris CleevelyUnited-KingdomTEXAS BABY32 count 2 wallBeginnerTexas Hold 'Em by Beyonce Country MusicMar 202421 1 VIEW