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Choreographer Dance TitleDance TypeDance LevelMusic/ArtistReleased
Kirsty Harpham-fox
Rob Fowler
United-KingdomA LITTLE HAPPINESS 32 count 4 wallBeginnerLovin' Life by The Jive Aces Mar 202132 2 VIEW
Hayley GoyUnited-KingdomDON'T WANNA GO HOME32 count 4 wallAbsolute Beginner Drunk (I don't wanna go home) by Elle King & Miranda LambertMar 202187 4 VIEW
Yvonne KramerSwitzerlandHARD OUT HERE32 count 4 wallBeginnerHard Out Here by Garrett Hedlund Country MusicMar 202199 3 VIEW
Jean HarrisUnited-KingdomEVERYONE SHE KNOWS32 count 4 wallBeginnerEVERYONE SHE KNOWS by KENNY CHESNEY Country MusicMar 2021235 13 VIEW
Julie SnailhamSpainWELLERMAN AB32 count 4 wallAbsolute BeginnerWellerman(SeaShanty/220 KID x Billen Ted Remix) by Nathan Evans, 220 KID & Billen TedFeb 2021382 31 VIEW
Micaela Svensson ErlandssonSwedenBAILA BAILA32 count 4 wallBeginner Báila Báila by Alvaro EstrellaFeb 2021100 1 VIEW
Kim LiebschDenmarkBUTTERFLY32 count 4 wallBeginner Butterfly by Julie BerthelsenFeb 2021108 4 VIEW
Malene JakobsenDenmarkLOVEY DOVEY32 count 4 wallBeginnerLovey Dovey Lovely One by Imelda MayFeb 2021186 9 VIEW
MARIANNE LANGAGNEFranceCOUNTRY DOES32 count 4 wallBeginnerCOUNTRY DOES by LUKE BRYAN Country MusicFeb 20218 0 VIEW
Noreen WallUnited-KingdomOH, BEST OF ALL48 count 4 wallBeginner Pencil full of lead by Paolo NutiniFeb 2021110 0 VIEW
Montana Country Show FranceFranceSUA VEZ (FR)32 count 1 wallBeginnerI will rise by Robert Ross Country MusicFeb 2021180 7 VIEW
Sebastiaan HoltlandNetherlandsAT MY WORST32 count 4 wallBeginner At My Worst (feat. Kehlani) by Pink Sweat$Feb 2021101 2 VIEW
Caroline Cooper
Julie Snailham
United-KingdomWHERE COWBOYS RIDE32 count 4 wallBeginner Where Cowboys Ride by Sarah Darling Country MusicJan 2021188 7 VIEW
Helene Lavoie-Chevalier
Rob Fowler
CanadaI WOULD BE TOO32 count 4 wallBeginnerI Would Be Over Me Too by Tyler Joe Miller Country MusicJan 2021106 2 VIEW
Siggi Güldenfuß GermanyWHY CAN´T I CHANGE32 count 4 wallBeginnerWhy Can´t I Change by PassengerJan 202150 1 VIEW
Kim LiebschDenmarkI´LL LEAVE THE LIGHT ON(JEG VIL LA´ LYSET BRæNDE)32 count 2 wallBeginner Jeg vil la´ lyset brænde by BroJan 2021126 0 VIEW
Kathy BrownUnited-StatesMY SIDE OF TOWN32 count 4 wallBeginnerMy Side Of Town by RvshvdJan 2021120 4 VIEW
Ole Jacobson
Nina K.
GermanyI`M BORED32 count 4 wallBeginnerI`m Bored by Amber LawrenceJan 2021244 16 VIEW
Lesley StewartUnited-KingdomI'M CRAZY ABOUT HER48 count 2 wallBeginnerNorth Side Gal by JD McPhersonJan 2021297 18 VIEW
Montana Country Show FranceFranceENJOY DANCE (FR)32 count 1 wallBeginner Renegade by Tim McGraw Country MusicJan 2021233 4 VIEW