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Choreographer Dance TitleDance TypeDance LevelMusic/ArtistReleased
Caroline CooperUnited-KingdomCOME TAKE ME HOME
48 count 4 wallImprover One Too Many by Keith Urban & P!nk Country MusicSep 202013 2 VIEW
Caroline Cooper
Julie Snailham
United-KingdomHOME SWEET32 count 4 wallBeginner HOME SWEET by RUSSELL DICKERSON Country MusicJun 2020242 9 VIEW
Caroline CooperUnited-KingdomSIX FEET APART32 count 4 wallImproverSIX FEET APART by LUKE COMBS Country MusicMay 2020167 4 VIEW
Caroline CooperUnited-KingdomFINGERTIPS32 count 4 wallImproverFINGERTIPS by TOM GREGORY Country MusicMay 2020121 1 VIEW
Caroline Cooper
Julie Snailham
United-KingdomGOODNIGHT KISS48 count 2 wallBeginnerGOODNIGHT KISS by RANDY HOUSER Country MusicMar 2020590 21 VIEW
Caroline CooperUnited-KingdomFLY32 count 4 wallBeginnerFly by Lucky DayeJan 2020390 9 VIEW
Caroline CooperUnited-KingdomTHE KEEPER 32 count 4 wallBeginner The Keeper by The Blossoms Country MusicDec 2019319 1 VIEW
Caroline Cooper
Julie Snailham
United-KingdomYOU DON'T KNOW ME LONLEY48 count 4 wallImproverYOU DON'T KNOW ME LONELY by SALTBUSHSIX Country MusicJul 2019434 2 VIEW
Caroline Cooper
Ann-Kristin Sandberg
United-KingdomI'M READY TO RUN64 count 2 wallImproverReady to Run by The LuckJul 2019372 5 VIEW
Caroline CooperUnited-KingdomYEAH I DO TOO48 count 4 wallImproverI DO TO by THE REKLAWSJun 2019384 2 VIEW
Caroline CooperUnited-KingdomSOMETHING YOU LOVE 64 count 4 wallIntermediateSomething You Love by Kiefer Sutherland Country MusicApr 2019724 4 VIEW
Caroline CooperUnited-KingdomCONNECTION32 count 4 wallImproverCONNECTION by CALLUM BEATIEMar 2019443 1 VIEW
Caroline CooperUnited-KingdomTHOUGHT ABOUT YOU64 count 4 wallIntermediateThought About You by Tim McGraw Country MusicFeb 2019416 9 VIEW
Caroline CooperUnited-KingdomTHE PICTURE32 count 4 wallBeginnerThe Picture by Ricky Van Shelton Country MusicFeb 2019618 12 VIEW
Caroline CooperUnited-KingdomTHE PICTURE32 count 4 wallBeginnerThe Picture by Ricky Van Shelton Country MusicFeb 2019393 4 VIEW
Caroline CooperUnited-KingdomHEARTBREAK RADIO64 count 2 wallImproverHeartbreak Radio by Roy Orbison & The Royal Philharmonic OrchestraJan 2019368 8 VIEW
Caroline CooperUnited-KingdomLOSE IT40 count 2 wallIntermediateLose it by Kane Brown Country MusicDec 2018344 2 VIEW
Caroline CooperUnited-KingdomTHANKYOU32 count 2 wallBeginnerThank You by Gary Perkins & The Breeze Country MusicOct 2018325 9 VIEW
Caroline CooperUnited-KingdomGENTLE MAN32 count 4 wallIntermediateGentle Man by Drew Baldrige Country MusicOct 2018285 1 VIEW
Caroline CooperUnited-KingdomSLEEP WALK48 count 4 wallIntermediateSleepwalk by The ShiresAug 2018266 1 VIEW