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Choreographer Dance TitleDance TypeDance LevelMusic/ArtistReleased
KarenKDundee LinedancersUnited-KingdomFIND A WAY 32 count 2 wallBeginner Find A Way by Trisha Yearwood Country MusicNov 20191058 5 VIEW
KarenKDundee LinedancersUnited-KingdomTWO MORE WISHES48 count 4 wallImproverTwo More Wishes by George Strait Country MusicJul 20191207 14 VIEW
KarenKDundee LinedancersUnited-KingdomGONE GIRLS 32 count 2 wallImproverGone Girls by Nathan Carter Country MusicJul 20191832 38 VIEW
KarenKDundee LinedancersUnited-KingdomI'LL BE THERE FOR YOU32 count 4 wallBeginnerI'LL BE THERE by JESS GLYNNEJul 2018930 6 VIEW
KarenKDundee LinedancersUnited-KingdomWE'RE OFF ( ON A HOLIDAY)64 count 4 wallImproverWe're Off ( On A Holiday ) by Dave Sheriff Country MusicJun 2018829 4 VIEW
KarenKDundee LinedancersUnited-KingdomSOME ARE GONNA 32 count 4 wallImproverSome Are by Hudson Moore Country MusicMay 2018907 5 VIEW
KarenKDundee LinedancersUnited-KingdomBAREFOOTIN'48 count 4 wallImproverBarefootin' by Scotty McCreery Country MusicMar 2018995 4 VIEW
KarenKDundee LinedancersUnited-KingdomRED SUN KISSES THE SEA32 count 4 wallImproverRed Sun by Lindsey Buckingham & Christine McVieJun 20171414 10 VIEW
KarenKDundee LinedancersUnited-KingdomMY HEART GOES BOOM32 count 4 wallImproverGirl Next Door by Lee Matthews Country MusicFeb 2017733 5 VIEW
KarenKDundee LinedancersUnited-KingdomWILL YE DANCE32 count 4 wallBeginnerThe Island by Shauna McStravock Country MusicSep 2016853 7 VIEW
KarenKDundee LinedancersUnited-KingdomCLOSE TO YOU 32 count 4 wallBeginnerClose To You ( Single) by Ryan Lafferty Aug 2016921 6 VIEW
KarenKDundee LinedancersUnited-KingdomRED WINE & HIGH HEELS32 count 4 wallImproverDrunk In Heels by Jennifer Nettles Country MusicMay 2016986 4 VIEW
KarenKDundee LinedancersUnited-KingdomTEMPLE BAR ( COME ON DOWN)32 count 2 wallImproverTemple Bar by Nathan Carter Country MusicMar 2016915 6 VIEW
KarenKDundee LinedancersUnited-KingdomONE NIGHT WITH YOU32 count 4 wallImproverOne Night With You by Rod Stewart Dec 2015866 3 VIEW
KarenKDundee LinedancersUnited-KingdomJUMP TO THE RHYTHM48 count 4 wallImproverDing Dong, Sing My Song by Michael EnglishSep 2015923 4 VIEW
KarenKDundee LinedancersUnited-KingdomBITTY BOPPY BETTY32 count 4 wallBeginnerBITTY BOPPY BETTY by PINK MARTINI Jun 20151083 9 VIEW
KarenKDundee LinedancersUnited-KingdomNIGHT TRAIN TO MEMPHIS32 count 2 wallImproverNight Train To Memphis by Lisa McHugh Country MusicMay 2015723 2 VIEW
KarenKDundee LinedancersUnited-KingdomON TO SOMETHING GOOD 32 count 4 wallImproverOn To Something Good by Ashley Monroe Country MusicMay 2015896 7 VIEW
KarenKDundee LinedancersUnited-KingdomSONG SUNG BLUES64 count 2 wallImproverSong Sung Blue ( Chanson Bleue) by Roch Voisine Country MusicMar 2015749 7 VIEW
KarenKDundee LinedancersUnited-KingdomYOU SHOULD'VE RUN48 count 4 wallIntermediateShould've Run by Julia Sheer Country MusicJan 2015696 3 VIEW