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Choreographer Dance TitleDance TypeDance LevelMusic/ArtistReleased
Silvia SchillGermanySTILL GONNA BE32 count 4 wallImproverStill Gonna Be by Brandon Davis Country MusicJul 202349 2 VIEW
Silvia SchillGermanyWE SPEAK COUNTRY32 count 4 wallImproverWe Speak Country by Cody Hibbard Country MusicJun 202341 1 VIEW
Silvia SchillGermanyTROUBLE KNOWS TROUBLE64 count 4 wallIntermediateTrouble Knows Trouble by Gary Allan Country MusicMay 202345 1 VIEW
Silvia SchillGermanyOVERCOMING32 count 4 wallImproverGetting Over You Thing by Sophia Scott & Zack Dyer Country MusicApr 2023189 5 VIEW
Silvia SchillGermanyDON'T MESS WITH EXES32 count 4 wallBeginnerDon't Mess With Exes by Mackenzie Carpenter Country MusicMar 2023108 2 VIEW
Silvia SchillGermanyEVERYTHING IS CRAZY32 count 4 wallImproverHuman by Cody Johnson Country MusicMar 202392 1 VIEW
Silvia Schill
Gudrun Schneider
GermanyTRIPLE YOU32 count 2 wallImproverYou by The BossHoss & Ilse DeLange Country MusicFeb 2023160 8 VIEW
Silvia SchillGermanyBACK80 count 4 wallImproverBack To You by Lost Frequencies, Elley Duhé & X AmbassadorsJan 2023147 6 VIEW
Silvia SchillGermanySTREET CALLED MAIN 6464 count 4 wallIntermediateStreet Called Main by Keith Urban Country MusicDec 2022281 16 VIEW
Silvia SchillGermanyDON ANGEL32 count 4 wallBeginnerMy Heart Goes (La Di Da) by Becky Hill & TopicNov 2022151 4 VIEW
Silvia SchillGermanyDAS MEER, DER WIND UND DU32 count 2 wallAbsolute BeginnerDas Meer, der Wind und Du by Nik P.Nov 202279 5 VIEW
Silvia SchillGermanyNUMB!NUMB!NUMB!NUMB!32 count 4 wallIntermediateNumb by Marshmello & KhalidOct 202275 1 VIEW
Silvia SchillGermanyA WOMAN YOU LOVE32 count 4 wallImproverWith Woman You Love by Justin Moore Country MusicSep 2022101 4 VIEW
Silvia SchillGermanyCRAZY S32 count 4 wallIntermediateThank God We Broke Up by Julia Cole Country MusicAug 2022135 7 VIEW
Silvia SchillGermanyKEEP WATCH32 count 4 wallImproverStand The Watch by Brandon DavisAug 2022133 4 VIEW
Silvia SchillGermanyYOU WERE LOVED32 count 4 wallImproverYou Were Loved by Griffin & OneRepublicJul 2022150 3 VIEW
Silvia SchillGermanySTAND TO HIM32 count 4 wallImproverStand By Your Man by The ChicksJul 2022420 12 VIEW
Silvia SchillGermanyFIELD MOUNTAIN32 count 2 wallBeginnerForever by Mighty OaksJun 202258 3 VIEW
Silvia SchillGermanyEAGLE EYE JIMMY32 count 2 wallImproverMy Heart Is Open by Keith Urban Country MusicApr 202284 5 VIEW
Silvia SchillGermanyEAGLE EYE JIMMY P32 count 1 wallImproverMy Heart Is Open by Keith Urban Country MusicApr 202264 1 VIEW