'BUTTERFLY' by Kim Liebsch

  • Dance Title


  • Type of Dance

    32 Count 4 Wall BEGINNER+ Line Dance

  • Music info

    Butterfly by Julie Berthelsen

  • Release Date & Language

    12 February 2021 (English Script)

  • Script Stats

    Script Views 158 | Downloads 4

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Kim Liebsch
56 count 2 wallIntermediateJag ger allt by CarolaJun 202137 0 VIEW
Kim Liebsch
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Kim LiebschDenmarkSUDDENLY32 count 4 wallImproverEverything Is alright by Mike TrampMar 2021107 1 VIEW
Kim Liebsch
Kim LiebschDenmarkTRASHY WOMEN64 count 4 wallIntermediateTrashy Women by Confederate Railroad Country MusicFeb 2021143 1 VIEW
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Kim LiebschDenmarkJOAN OF ARC64 count 4 wallIntermediateJoan Of Arc by MadonnaFeb 2021147 0 VIEW
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Manuela Gustavsson
Manuela Gustavsson
Novi 3NLD
48 count 2 wallBeginner Everything Good by Ashes RemainJul 202125 1 VIEW
Karl Harry Winson
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32 count 4 wallBeginner That'll Be The Day by Linda RonstadtJul 2021106 13 VIEW
Bob Francis [farmer Bob]
Bob Francis [farmer Bob]United-KingdomLET'S JUST DANCE
32 count 4 wallBeginnerLet's Just Dance by Michael BallJul 202132 1 VIEW
Esmeralda V.d. Pol
Esmeralda V.d. PolNetherlandsBAD HABITS EASY
32 count 2 wallBeginnerBad Habits by Ed SheeranJul 202163 5 VIEW
Linda  Scott
Linda ScottUnited-StatesI WAS ON A BOAT
48 count 4 wallBeginner I was on a boat that day by Old Dominion Country MusicJun 2021121 5 VIEW
Maria Hennings Hunt
Maria Hennings HuntUnited-KingdomLEAVE BEFORE YOU LOVE ME
32 count 2 wallBeginner LEAVE BEFORE YOU LOVE ME by MARSHMELLO & JONAS BROSJun 202133 0 VIEW
Karen Holtom
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Rebecca Blower
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Julie Snailham
Julie SnailhamSpainBANDWAGON32 count 4 wallBeginner Bandwagon by Adam & I Country MusicJun 2021118 3 VIEW
Julie Lockton
Julie Lockton
Sebastiaan Holtland
SpainBLUE JEAN BABY32 count 4 wallBeginnerDancin' On A Saturday Night by Barry BlueJun 2021508 39 VIEW
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