The Highlander

The Highlander

Line Dance Choreographer

United Kingdom

I am basically a social dancer who has tried a little bit of choreography, and have been teaching at one class for past 4 years. more

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Choreographer(s)Dance TitleDance TypeDance LevelMusic/ArtistReleasedViewsDownloads
The HighlanderOUTSKIRTS32 count 4 wallsImprover Outskirts by Montgomery Gentry Country MusicSep 2020555View
The HighlanderCARRY ON64 count 2 wallsIntermediateCarry On by Olivia HoltJul 202025834View
The HighlanderAND WE WERE IN LOVE64 count 4 wallsIntermediateWe Were In Love by Toby Keith Country MusicFeb 2020433View
The HighlanderBOX OF VISIONS36 count 4 wallsImproverBox of Visions (Duet ) by Tom Russell & Iris DeMent Country MusicOct 2019842View
The HighlanderWEDDING BELL BLUES32 count 2 wallsBeginnerWedding Bell Blues by MorrisseyMay 2019360View
The HighlanderALONG THE WAY32 count 4 wallsImproverAlong The Way by Gary Allan Country MusicMar 2019472View
The HighlanderSAD LOOKING MOON64 count 2 wallsImproverSad Lookin' Moon by Alabama Country MusicJun 2018510View
The HighlanderNOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT NOW48 count 4 wallsIntermediateNothing I Can Do About It Now by Willie Nelson Country MusicApr 2018810View
The HighlanderFREE AND EASY (DOWN THE ROAD I GO)32 count 4 wallsImproverFree and Easy (Down The Road I Go) by Dierks Bentley Country MusicNov 2017641View
The HighlanderCARTWHEELS48 count 2 wallsIntermediateCartwheels by Ward Thomas Country MusicJan 2017731View
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Latest Dance

The latest dance by The Highlander is a Improver level 32 count 4 wall line dance called OUTSKIRTS.
Music is Outskirts by the artist, Montgomery Gentry.