Walter Tomiati

Walter Tomiati

Line Dance Choreographer


I'm a italian boy who likes Country Line more

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Choreographer(s)Dance TitleDance TypeDance LevelMusic/ArtistReleasedViewsDownloads
Walter TomiatiPINK KISS32 count 4 wallsIntermediatePink Champagne by Carrie Underwood Country MusicJun 2022626View
Walter Tomiati
WANNABES48 count 2 wallsImproverWannabes by Brett Kissel Country MusicNov 202130217View
Walter TomiatiONE AT A TIME32 count 4 wallsImproverOne At A Time by Jackson Michelson Country MusicSep 202152227View
Walter TomiatiCROSSFIRE92 count 4 wallsAdvancedCrossfire by Jordan Rainer Country MusicApr 202153335View
Walter Tomiati
SONG ABOUT HOME32 count 4 wallsImproverSong About Home by Jason Maxwell Country MusicNov 202057220View
Walter TomiatiISLAND32 count 4 wallsImproverIsland by Bow AndersonSep 202056821View
Walter TomiatiGOODBYE JUNE32 count 4 wallsIntermediateGoodbye June by Jetty Road Country MusicJul 202083542View
Walter TomiatiKARMA32 count 4 wallsImproverKarma by Kristin Carter Country MusicFeb 202063623View
Walter TomiatiGOOD TIME BEING A WOMAN32 count 2 wallsImproverGood Time Being A Woman by Emily Reid Country MusicOct 201961522View
Walter TomiatiHILLBILLY RICH72 count 4 wallsIntermediateHillbilly Rich by Hillbilly Rich Country MusicMay 201957022View
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Latest Dance

The latest dance by Walter Tomiati is a Intermediate level 32 count 4 wall line dance called PINK KISS.
Music is Pink Champagne by the artist, Carrie Underwood.